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Call for Information: Antique Caucasian Embroidery Database

Call for Information: Antique Caucasian Embroidery Database

Hali Publications has been asked to prepare an image database of domestic embroideries made in Greater Azerbaijan from 1550-1800. We currently have records of 347 examples, and would like to ask your help to expand this resource, which has already formed the research basis for the beautiful book 'Stars of the Caucasus' that we recently produced. Hali would be most grateful to receive high-resolution images (whole and details) of examples either currently in your collection or that you may have once owned. Any information as to where these might have been published, their previous history and their dimensions would also be most valuable.

We would also be delighted if you could draw our attention to examples in other collections or in your local museums. Embroideries from Greater Azerbaijan, which includes much of present-day northwest Iran, are often catalogued in museums as Iranian and not attributed to either the Caucasus or Azerbaijan, so they can easily be missed.
The Ministry of Culture and Tourism in Azerbaijan plans to eventually make the archive publically accessible. Please let us know how you wish your contributions to be acknowledged, as we will list everyone who has helped to compile the database and would like to include you if you agree.

We would need to receive any contributions by the end of 2018. Please email any information that you may have to malin.lonnberg@hali.com.